Parcel Division
Photo Gallery
A panoramic view of Granite Mountain from LV Ranch Estates; a northern Arizona ranch property.
The evening sun sets upon Granite Mountain in Prescott. This incredible view is seen from LV Ranch Estates
Glowing pinon pines in the setting sun at LV Ranch Estates

A perfect example of the varying terrain found in a Prescott Arizona ranch property at LV Ranch Estates
A summertime shot of the perfect Arizona horse property at LV Ranch Estates
The grassy meadows of Hitt wash are perfect for a northern Arizona horse property.

North Arizona Ranch land located in LV Ranch Estates
The grassy plains in LV Ranch Estates make for a perfect northern Arizona ranch property.
The ideal AZ Ranch setup for horses and privacy at LV Ranch Estates

Thirty-six to fifty-one acres is a lot of northern Arizona land, and more than some owners require. So we've provided owners the flexibility to divide their ranch estate into up to three smaller parcels of at least 10 acres each. The three parcels created by this division may not be further divided.

A first new parcel may be created after one year of ownership; the second new parcel (for a total of three) may be created after the second year of ownership.

The plan of parcel division must first be approved by the POA, and address such issues as drainage, driveway alignment, and viable building sites on each created smaller parcel.

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