Medical Offices & Hospitals

Prescott Area Hospitals

Yavapai Regional Medical Center-West enter alt text

Address: 1003 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ

Phone# (928) 445-2700 ‎

Year Founded: 1942

Yavapai Regional Medical Center – West is a not-for-profit hospital in Prescott, Arizona. The hospital receives no taxpayer support, but instead relies on patient revenues and community support. Any “profits” are then reinvested into the medical center, constantly keeping it up to date. The doctors, surgeons, and staff of the Yavapai Regional Medical Center are the best in Northern Arizona. No hospital visit is a good one, but the staff at Yavapai Regional Medical Center can help to comfort the patients as well as their families during their stay. The medical center also has outpatient facilities including those intended for preventive care and hospice. Rest assured that elite medical care is only a short ways away in Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott Arizona Urgent Care

UCR Urgent Care enter alt text

Address: 2062 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ

Phone # (928) 443-5103

Year Founded: 2005

UCR Urgent Care is the leading urgent care facility in Prescott, AZ. Since 2005, Natasha Deonarain MD and her staff have been providing urgent care services to the citizens of Prescott. Her facilities are state of the art and offer services such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, hormonal therapy and more – in addition to urgent care services. If you have a pressing medical need, visit UCR Urgent Care. Located near Yavapai Regional Medical Center West, UCR has stood out with their services and continued support of the community.

Dentist/Orthodontist in Prescott

An Elegant Smile Dentistry enter alt text

Address: 1022 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ

Phone # (928) 445-1682 ‎

One of the leading dentistry and orthodontics centers in the Prescott Arizona area, An Elegant Smile Dentistry is the proud home of Dr. Sean P. Henrie D.M.D. Offering both dentistry and orthodontic services, An Elegant Smile will keep your teeth white, straight and free of cavities. Located on Willow Creek Road, just a short drive from many of Prescott’s medical facilities, An Elegant Smile can provide you with a dental appointment. An Elegant Smile has been awarded the “Top Dentists” award by Phoenix Magazine in 2004 and again in 2007, an honor that is matched by the loyal patients of the office.

Holistic & Natural Medicine in Prescott

Bowenworks enter alt text

Address: 337 N Rush St, Prescott, AZ

Phone # (866) 862-6936

Bowenworks is a specialized style of holistic medicine that uses light touches to stimulate the body to heal and align itself. There is a Bowenworks practice in Prescott, Arizona, with 6 practitioners available for your holistic healing needs. If prescriptions and medications have not worked, you need a different approach to medicine and Bowenworks is here to help. For more information, visit their website,