Prescott Area Arts & Entertainment


Sharlot Hall Museum enter alt text

Address: 415 W Gurley St, Prescott, AZ

Phone # (928) 445-3122 ‎

Year Founded: 1928

The Sharlot Hall Museum was founded in Prescott, Arizona by Ms. Sharlot Hall in 1928. As one of Arizona’s first territorial historians, Sharlot saw a need to preserve the surrounding culture for future generations. This eventually led to the creation and development of the museum that bears her name. The museum is located in what was once the first territorial governor’s home, but now restored and remodeled to suit the museum. Among the attractions available to see today are historical documents, rare books, and historical photographs; as well as seven total restored buildings and immaculately manicured gardens. The museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Prescott as a reminder of the city’s noble beginnings.

Art Galleries

Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Art, LLC. enter alt text

Address: 218 W Goodwin St, Prescott, AZ

Phone # (928) 445-7009

Year Founded: 2007

Ian Russell has been fascinated with the Arizona landscape since he was a small boy. He was brought to Prescott Arizona in 1985 as a high school aged painter, eager to showcase the beauty of the Arizona desert. By the time he graduated a few years later, Ian’s art was well known to those in and around Prescott. He opened his first gallery in 1995, selling a mixture of his art, as well as some works from local artisans. In 2007 he decided to focus solely on his own art and opened the Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Art in 2007. Since then he has seen success, not only as a painter, but as a sculptor and bronze worker.


Sedona International Film Festival enter alt text

Address: 45 Sunset Dr, Sedona, AZ

Phone # (928) 282-1177

Year Founded: 1998

Although a decent drive away, the international film festival in Sedona, Arizona is a cinematic attraction that cannot be missed. The Sedona International Film Festival seeks to give the spotlight to some of international film’s rising stars, allowing them to showcase their extraordinary work. If you are a fan of independent films, the short trip to Sedona is well worth the drive. For over a decade, the annual film festival has given local artists a “jumping off point” towards some of the larger festivals. The community of Sedona gathers around this festival, giving it their full support, adding to the many reasons why this festival can’t be missed.

Theatre and Plays

Prescott Elks Theater enter alt text

Address: 117 E Gurley St, Prescott, AZ

Phone # (928) 777-1366

Year Founded: 1904

If you wish to see a play in Prescott, Arizona, you simply must visit the Prescott Elks Theater. Every year since its inception in 1904, the theater has been home to some of Prescott’s finest artistic and cultural performances. Over the last century, the play house has seen some renovations, including the restoration of the main lobby. Now under management of the City of Prescott, upgrades to the theater give visitors a state of the art viewing experience, while allowing them to immerse themselves in the culture of the early 20th century. Conveniently located in downtown Prescott, the theater maintains a constant show schedule, allowing visitors and locals to take in plays year round.